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CNC Conversion – Project Dreams


About a year ago, I was walking around and saw this mill sitting around. I inquired about it and was told it used to be used for some kind of plaster mold making. It was covered in oil, plaster & dirt. The screws don’t turn, the bed is certainly not ...

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USBAsp Pogo Pin Version


It’s been a few months since I completed the design of the mini USBAsp. I’m very happy with it. It is small and it’s not my go to programmer. What makes it very useful for me lately is the addition of pogo pins. I’ve been working on some small boards ...

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Mini USBAsp 3D Printable Case


I made an extremely simple case for the min USBAsp. It can have a hole in the back for the buttons, but in truth I can’t see updated the firmware anytime soon, so a button for self-programming will just get in the way. I will try without the “slow” button, ...

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Mini USBAsp Part 2


I corrected the previous design error and used a crystal oscillator and had new PCBs made. I had them made quite a while ago but I had some problems getting them to work. I put the project aside for a little while and picked it up again today. I took ...

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Mini USBAsp


I’ve made great use of the USBAsp for many of my AVR programming needs but a few things bother me. It’s got a 10 pin output and all my AVRs use the 6 pin header. I have to use a converter every time. I don’t like ribbon cables either. The actual ...

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Reflow Oven Controller – ControLeo2 compatible


I want a reflow oven as I’m doing double sided PCBs (components on both sides) and I don’t really like hot air soldering the second side. It works, but I want an oven. I came across the ControLeo2 available at whizoo.com for a fair price. I really liked the open source ...

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BMI Mini Leonardo – Open Source


Here are the design files for the BMI Mini Leonardo. It’s Arduino Leoardo compatible and can be used in most applications were input/output and small size are needed. I had envisioned it for quad copter smart LED lighting, but Cosplay costumes or E-clothing is also a good use. I hope someone ...

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