How to make a tasty sandwich


This might seem a laughable article and although lighthearted , I take pride in making tasty sandwiches. I enjoy them more than most of the purchased alternatives. I also live in China where access to good bread is not always possible. This particular sandwich was made on a trip to ...

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USBAsp Pogo Pin Version


It’s been a few months since I completed the design of the mini USBAsp. I’m very happy with it. It is small and it’s not my go to programmer. What makes it very useful for me lately is the addition of pogo pins. I’ve been working on some small boards ...

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Making a LiPo Battery Pack Part 3


The last step is to insulate & pad the battery box and finally install the battery. For this step I used: Double sided tape Straight edge Scissors and/or knife Old PCBs Packing Foam Wire grommet Saw (to cut PCBs to size) Rotary Tool I started writing how this step wasn’t ...

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Making a LiPo Battery Pack – Part 2


Now that we have a crimped pack, we need to attach a battery protection board and insulate the pack from short circuits. In this step we need: Insulating Tape Insulating Cardboard (Business cards are perfect) Foam double sided tape (2mm or 3mm is fine) Soldering Equipment (Iron, Solder, Flux) Battery ...

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Making a LiPo Battery Pack – Part 1


  CAUTION Making battery packs requires your full care and attention. You are working with a lot of stored energy and pretty much all the tools you use are metal and can cause a short circuit. In a short circuit, something is going to get hot, and probably melt. Most ...

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Mini USBAsp 3D Printable Case


I made an extremely simple case for the min USBAsp. It can have a hole in the back for the buttons, but in truth I can’t see updated the firmware anytime soon, so a button for self-programming will just get in the way. I will try without the “slow” button, ...

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Mini USBAsp Part 2


I corrected the previous design error and used a crystal oscillator and had new PCBs made. I had them made quite a while ago but I had some problems getting them to work. I put the project aside for a little while and picked it up again today. I took ...

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Mini USBAsp


I’ve made great use of the USBAsp¬†for many of my AVR programming needs but a few things bother me. It’s got a 10 pin output and all my AVRs use the 6 pin header. I have to use a converter every time. I don’t like ribbon cables either. The actual ...

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Reflow Oven – Upgrades


I found that my heating was barely acceptable. It was within spec, but barely. I replaced the 400W elements with 650W elements with fins. The new elements just screwed through the existing holes with very little modification. This helps the heat transfer to the air. I could have improve it ...

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