Reflow Oven – Build Part 2


Today I got a chance to finish up the Reflow Oven. The main thing I had left was installing the thermocouple (as it needed to be isolated from the metal chassis) and installing the shelf for the PCBs. To install the shelf, I decided on some drawer sliders. Make sure ...

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Reflow Oven – Build Part 1


The first thing I did was remove the metal plate covering the bottom heating elements. I really like these heating elements. Each one is a single straight heating element. Some ovens I’ve seen have a large “W” shaped element on the top and bottom of the oven. These seem easier ...

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Reflow Oven – Oven Teardown


I purchased this baking oven for conversion to a reflow oven. It’s a 3200W oven with 8 400W elements. 4 upper elements and 4 lower elements. The thermocouple shown is integrated into the exiting heat controllers and will need to be replaced with a generic “K” type thermocouple. The heat ...

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Reflow Oven Controller Assembled


I got the PCBs for the Reflow Oven Controller today. They look pretty good. I had to substitute a 2.2uF tantalum cap instead of a 0603 ceramic cap(because I forgot to order them), didn’t have the buzzer and my tall tact buttons haven’t arrived yet, but everything is still working ...

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Reflow Oven Controller – ControLeo2 compatible


I want a reflow oven as I’m doing double sided PCBs (components on both sides) and I don’t really like hot air soldering the second side. It works, but I want an oven. I came across the ControLeo2 available at for a fair price. I really liked the open source ...

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BMI Mini Leonardo – Open Source


Here are the design files for the BMI Mini Leonardo. It’s Arduino Leoardo compatible and can be used in most applications were input/output and small size are needed. I had envisioned it for quad copter smart LED lighting, but Cosplay costumes or E-clothing is also a good use. I hope someone ...

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Pixhawk Compatible smart LED lighting controller


It’s hard to give a complete description of a project in the title of a post. There is also always a story behind the motivation for a project. I have a nice quad copter that uses a pixhawk. I have a taranis radio and wanted telemetry on my radio. There ...

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Joined Thingverse


I joined thingverse today. I made a revision of an existing antenna mount for the x8r FrSky receiver that folds. I thought I’d share it so someone else could print it. It works pretty well actually.

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Hobby King Platinum ESC – No Sound


I just had a stupid problem with my ESC, and I again had to unsolder my 3D sculpture of cabling. Hopefully I can save someone else the confusion. The instructions say the ESC will emit a sound. WRONG! The motor emits the sound, so if no motor is connected, even ...

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