Electric bikes


A few months ago, I made some electric bikes for my parents. The black bike was made from only parts, where as the red bike was really a conversion from a regular bicycle. I did add new brakes and a luggage rack. The bikes are powered by 10Ah 44.4V Lipo ...

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Desks with “Bosch” extrusion


I had to buy a new desk for my office and decided to test the local aluminum extrusion and glass supply services. I just made a 3D model and sent the cut list to the store. They even mill the holes for the hidden connectors. A small order of glass ...

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Jewerly, Condos and Choppers


I just wanted to put of a few pictures of some of my past projects. I spent a while learning to make gold and silver wire from scratch and knitting chain maille style jewelry. It was a good pass time and I’m sure I’ll make some more someday. In truth ...

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Copies and Fakes


Of course China is know for copies. Everyone has seen a copy hand bag or off brand knock off of some other product. I don’t want to comment on the morality or ethics involved, as it simply is here. What I would like to comment on is that if you ...

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Magnifier Light – Fail


This is a magnifier light I converted from fluorescent to LED. I hated the base it orignally came with because it was big, bulky and didn’t let me get the light where I wanted it. I took a goose neck iPad stand and connected it to the magnifier. It’s OK, ...

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A Messy Shop


  Does a shop have to been clean and tidy? This question has been debated long and hard by many people. There are the obsessively neat and tidy, and the completely disorganized. I can’t say I’m have the cleanest shop, but I do have a system. I tend to clean ...

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Leather book covers

2014-11-20 23.45.31

I love taking notes. I’m either sketching ideas, writing shopping lists or planning my day. Whatever it is, I use a book. I kept having them ruined in my bag before the book was done. I decided I wanted a leather book cover. It was hard to find a good ...

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Helping Hands – Electronics Helpers


I saw a video with some coolant hose helping hands. Credit where credit is due… but I forget Anyway, I bought magnet tube holder, coolant hose and $3 helping hands were made. I put a steel piece on my table leg so I can move them around. I also welded ...

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3D Printer TMTCTW Jupiter 2 – Awful!


I recently bought a 3D printer called TMTCTW jupiter 2. It is the terrible. The second I opened the box I knew I didn’t want it. The company refused to take it back, even though they say 7 days return with no questions. The machine always needs the bed leveled. ...

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Too many projects?


I’ve often heard that you should focus on one project at a time. I’m a firm believer that you can’t have too many projects or project ideas. I probably won’t get to make all the things I’ve thought of making, but you can’t have too many ideas. Parts in boxes ...

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