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Time for another Ebike. An EEBike maybe?

I guess this is the fifth Ebike I’ve built. I made a couple for my parents, but they were unimpressive. Don’t get me wrong, they were both functional, decent looking and competitive with regards to what was available. Also it’s important to keep in mind my hands were tied. The laws in Canada  basically make Ebikes lame. Since I made the bikes conform to the law, they were doomed to slow (30km/h) by design.

DSC_0297_(1)[1] DSC_0329_(1)_(4)[1]

I made two for myself, that were basically the same and they worked. One got stolen, hence the second. They carry two people, hit 50km/h and have a decent range. They are however ugly as sin (so why did anyone steal it? Who knows). I liked having a basket, I’ve done over 1500km with my dog in the basket and I’ve taken friends all over but sometimes practical just isn’t good enough.


My trusty dog ready to go anywhere, rain or shine.

Practical. Shown here complete with shop vac & dual Lithium battery packs. It just can’t be considered good looking.


So I thought to myself, can I do better? Hell yes I can! I started planing an EEBike, and Extreme Ebike,  now we are talking! Ok that sounds good but what does that mean? I guess in a word, fun. There is no other single word that sums up what I mean. I could say fast or light or cool, but at the end of the day, it’s all about fun.

The quest begins…

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